Safety Shoes

Safety Shoes have become a common place item in the PPE kit for most individuals these days no matter what your job in tails there is probably a good reason to protect your feet with a good pair of safety shoes. Most people assume that safety shoes are solely to protect their toes from crush or impact from falling objects but that is only one aspect of their use. There are many Safety Shoes out there that are SCR rated which is the new term for anti slip resistance i.e. how well the shoes will perform in slippery conditions, so garages, cleaners who mop floors anybody who has the potential to slip in their job should be looking to see if the safety shoes they are purchasing are SRC rated.

Safety Boots

Other protection offered by safety shoes is Metatarsal protection now there are two forms of metatarsal protection one is to protect against impact down on the metatarsal bones in the foot and the other is in the form of support by the sole and insole of a shoe to the metatarsal area of the foot. Things to considered when looking atsafety shoes include do you climb ladders in your job if so then you should be looking for a safety shoe with a heel by this we mean a shoe that does not have a flat sole from front to back. As it is very easy for your foot to slip on the rungs, if the shoe has a heel this will stop the slip. Another very popular item of Safety Footwear is theSafety Trainers there is massive array to select from with scuff caps, and the way that technology is moving forward at pace the new lightweight safety trainers are no different from those you would by in any sports shop.

Work Boots

We also stock a range of work boots for offshore usage and can supply in bulk or singly to over 50 countries.

SafetybootsUK is committed to delivering only the very best in safety boots to every possible application whether it be casual wear of high intensity specialist footwear, we have a dedicated customer care team and are able to cater to your every need. If you are looking to order in quantity we also have a team of experts on the  road who can visit you to spec out your requirements.