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Magnum Safety Boots History 1974 to 1990

The history of this fabulous safety working boot goes back to the year 1974 when a guy by the name of Frank Van Wezel started the company HI-Tec sports; the company was located in the fittingly named town of Shoeburyness which presides in Essex, England. Funnily enough HI-TEC first foray into the market place was with a very useful squash shoe which would go on to greatly benefit the design and construction of its Magnum Safety Boots range many years later through the techniques and technology they learnt while producing this first sports shoe. That squash shoe became a worldwide phenomenon with record breaking sales of eighteen million pairs, a record that very few sports shoes in the same sector has ever reached before or after and consequently remains to this day the highest selling sports should in the squash market to the present day, an amazing feat with their very first foray into the very competitive sports shoe retail sector, but this was a sign of truly great thing to come especially with there Magnum Safety Boots by the company.

The year 1982 saw the launch of the now world famous HI-TEC Magnum range, this came about because of a large demand to fulfill the needs and desires for a specifically designed lightweight, athletically constructed black tactical boot from the FBI training centre which was based in Quantico, Virgina, America. Before they got to wear this fantastically personally created work boot they were already wearing the HI-TEC Sierra Lite Hiking Boot but they required a few different feature that their original boot did not have, such as for instance being all black in color and having a high top with the much needed Magnum Safety Boots , which in turn gave birth to the first ever built tactically designed HI-TEC Magnum boot which incorporated sports shoe materials. This had a great knock on effect after the FBI spread the word about this amazing boot with its revolutionary features that had been designed for them, a huge demand came to HI-TEC to supply the very same pair of boot nationwide, this boot was hugely popular with the law enforcement and security workforces that required the Magnum Safety Boots because it was light weight extremely comfortable but also very durable, it was a very shrewd move by the team at HI-TEC to recognize that there was a very large market for such a boot and not only that but a recommendation from the FBI was priceless in terms of future sales and marketing.

At the beginning of the year 1985 such high demand was increasing for different varieties of the same boot that the HI-TEC Magnum collection received investment so that it could expand its range of boots, they did what all great companies do which was to listen to the needs and wants of their loyal customers base to see what they required in terms of style and design from their boots and went about putting this into practice by launching their brand new magnum line of boots. There research showed them that customers wanted a mid cut, which also incorporated it to be available in full leather and waterproof with the option of a Magnum Safety Boots version.

As 1990 approached and HI-TEC magnum had gone about establishing itself across America with its great reputation for making top quality boots for all different fields of the market including sports, Magnum Safety Boots , fashion any many more it was time to launch the brand internationally. This is when HI-TEC Magnum drove to take the company to another level in terms of choice, quality and functionality.

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