Explore from a range of sizes, colours and styles from V12 Footwear, one of the world's leading footwear specialists. 

V12 Footwear more commonly known as 'Vtech' are a leading brand in the footwear industry. They manufacture a wide range of styles from boots, shoes and trainers for usage within most industries as well as casual wear. V12 Footwear is most commonly used within the following industries: Oil & Gas, Engineering, Construction, Agriculture, Utilities and Rail however they are suitable for most working environments. When it comes to footwear you need to ensure durability, reliability and performance and with V12 you can be sure to have that on your side.

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V12 V6411 Beaver Safety Shoes
Vtech V6411 Beaver Black Composite Work ShoesItem Number V6411One Of Our bestselling safety shoe. Be..
V12 V6816 Polar Tan Fur Lined Safety Riggers
Vtech V6816 Polar Tan Fur Lined Rigger Boots With Composite Toe Caps & Steel MidsoleItem No..
V12 VC100 Diplomat Safety Shoes
Vtech VC100 Diplomat Brogues Work Shoes With Steel Toe CapsThe epitome of style, this clas..
V12 VC101 Envoy Safety Shoes
Vtech VC101 Envoy Work Shoes, BroguesThe epitome of style, this classic brogue comes with ..
V12 VR600 Bison Waxy Derby Safety Boots
Vtech VR600 Bison Black Waxy Derby Work Boots With Composite Toe Cap & Steel MidsoleItem No..
V12 VR608 Tiger Derby Safety Shoes
Vtech VR608 Tiger Black Derby Shoe With Composite Toe Cap & Steel MidsoleItem No. ..
V12 VR609 Colt Waxy Dealer Boots
Vtech V609 Colt Black Waxy Dealer Boot Colt is made to the classic easy on - off dealer bo..
V12 VR640 Bison Metal Free Derby Boots
V12 VR640 Bison Black Metal Free Derby BootModel: VR640 Bison DescriptionThe VR640 Bison is a m..
V12 VR657 Endura II Safety Boots
Vtech VR657 Endura II Safety Boots With Composite Toe CapShort DescriptionBlack Tough Comfort BootLo..
V12 VR690 Grizzly Fleece Lined Safety Riggers
Vtech VR690 Grizzly Tan Fleece Lined Composite Rigger BootsModel: VR690- DescriptionWe’ve taken..
V12 VR695 Leopard II Safety Boots
Vtech V12 VR695 Leopard II Black Composite Safety BootsModel: VR695 Vtech V12Description Vtech V12 V..
V12 VS300 Fastlane II Safety Trainers
 Vtech VS300 Fastlane II Black/Graphite Safety Trainer with Composite toe cap and midsoleWith i..
V12 VS600 Slam Safety Trainers
Vtech VS600 Slam Black Composite Safety TrainersA superbly practical safety trainer in wipe cleanact..
V12 VS640 Smash Safety Trainers
Vtech VS640 Smash Composite Safety TrainersItem No. VS640Specification For Fortec VS640 Safety Boots..
Fortec V8431 Aztec Blue/Green Urban Hiker Safety Boot
Fortec V8431 Aztec Blue/Green Urban Hiker Safety BootThis stunning hiker is now packed with even mor..
V12 Titan VW256 Safety Wellingtons
V12 Titan VW256 Safety Wellingtons Model: VW256   Description This comfortable safe..
V12 V6400 Otter Composite Safety Boots
V12 V6400 Otter Metal Free Work Boots With CompositeToe Caps & Midsole 3-13Item No. V6400De..
V12 V6817 Kodiak Safety Riggers
Vtech V6817 Kodiak Tan Cambrelle Lined Work Rigger Boots With Steel Toe Caps & Steel Midsol..
V12 V6863 Rhino Safety Boots
V12 V6863 Rhino Safety Boot with Composite Toe Cap and Steel MidsoleModel: V6863Like its namesa..
V12 V8430 Aztec Black/Orange Safety Hikers
Vtech V8430 Aztec Black/Orange Urban Hiker Composite Safety BootsThis stunning design is so lightwei..
V12 V8438 Aztec Black/Silver Safety Hikers
Vtech V8438 Aztec Black/Silver Urban Hiker Composite Safety BootsThe same specification as V8438, bu..
V12 VR550 Extreme Metal Free Safety Boots
V12 VR550 Extreme Black Metal Free Work Boot Composite Toe Cap Item No. VR550A high comfo..
V12 VR601 Cougar Waxy Safety Hikers
Vtech VR601 Cougar Brown Waxy Hiker Composite Safety BootsIncorporating all the features of a top qu..
V12 VR609.01 Colt STS Safety Boots
V12 VR609.01 Colt STS Safety Boots Model: Colt VR609.01   Description The V12 Colt ..
V12 VR660 Plumber Safety Shoes
Vtech VR660 Black Plumber Composite Safety ShoesFeatures Of Vtech VR660  Plumber..
V12 VS005C Fastline Black/Silver Safety Trainers
Vtech VS005C Fastline Black/Silver Composite Work TrainersOur classic trainer now with protective st..
V12 VS400 Pitstop Cobalt Safety Trainers
Vtech VS400 Pitstop Cobalt Safety Trainer With Composite Toe CapsOne Of Our bestselling safety ..
V12 VT151 Active Safety Trainers
V12 Active VT151 Safety Trainers Model: VT151   Description A designer trainer combining th..
V12 VT153 Active Safety Trainers
V12 Active VT153 Safety TrainersModel: VT153 DescriptionA designer trainer combining the latest..
V12 VW057 Vital Value Wellingtons
V12 Vital Value VW057 WellingtonsModel: VW057 DescriptionA great wellington for general purpose..
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